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Club News and Notes

Board Meeting @ Red Onion on June 21, 2018 – with 25 Members present including 

Board Members present:  Bob Behnke, Len Bottorff, Shawn Garcia, Nikki Bates, Cathy DeWolf, Rich Misita, Joel Scarson, President Tom Rose,  Secretary DeAnna Rossman, Board Chair Martha Christiano

Absent (excused):  Vice President Pete Ciciarelli, Treasurer John Praskey

Treasurer’s report – John was absent but it was reported that the checking account balance was approximately $12,000.

Tom reported from the CCA meeting

 – Gary Winchell classic car appraiser will be coming to our show. 

-July 18th is Collector Car day.

- Tuesday June 26th there is a cruise in Sherrill. 

Old Business

1.      Mopar Madness 2018 Planning– The manpower for the show is looking good with only a few open spots.  They would like the registration forms at the front gate early in the morning.  They will be left there on Saturday for them to have first thing on Sunday.  Jill showed everyone what the fleece jackets looked like and also the two colors of the show shirts.    The show invoices will go out by August and John will do an update monthly.  The Saturday setup is planned for starting at 2PM until everything is ready.

2.      NYS Fair classis car day – The date for our club to display cars at the state fair is Friday August 24th.  Notify Pete Ciciarelli if you are interested in attending.  He has a limited number of tickets.

3.      Thanks You picnic- We need to find a place to have the picnic this year.  Several suggestions were brought up.   We have a few members checking on some options and once we get a location we will determine the date.  The date will be some time in August.

New Business

Fall Bash – We are looking for a place to have our Fall Bash also. Once we determine a location we will set the date.  Terry is checking on the Gun Club.


The next monthly board meeting will be September 20th at the Red Onion at 7PM.


July Birthdays

David Brennan

Chris Bullis

Judy Madden

Elsie Massett

Dan Quackenbush