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Club News

Board Meeting @ Red Onion on February 21, 2019 – with 13 Members present including

Board Members present: Bob Behnke, Nikki Bates, Cathy DeWolf, Mark DeWolf, Rich Misita, Joel Scarson, Vice President Pete Ciciarelli, Secretary DeAnna Rossman, Treasurer John Praskey, Board Chair Martha Christiano

Absent-Excused: Len Bottorff, Tom Rose

Treasurer’s report – John reported that the checking account was at $11,229.31.

There was no report from the CCA meeting as it had been canceled due to the weather.

Old Business

  1. 1. MM 2019 Planning–

Art Work – Tom Rose

Flyers – Tom Rose

DJ – Pete Ciciarelli & Joel Scarson

Valley Men’s Club – has been done

Sponsors – Tom Rose & Terry Morse

Awards & trophies – Len Bottorff

Manpower – Martha Christiano

Gold carts – Marilyn Latta

Show Field Layout – Len Bottorff

Flyers "mailing bee" –group will work on this at the April meeting

  1. 2. Burn Foundation Check Presentation – The presentation of our check to the Burn Foundation from our 2018 show was done on February 17th at the Dryden Fire House with approximately 11of our members present.

New Business

  1. 1. Mopar Madness 2019 Show Classes – It was decided that we would not make any changes to the show classes for this year and that we would stay with having extra awards for the challenger classes.
  2. 2. Publicity – Discussion was held regarding where we can advertise our show and get the most publicity. We will use our Facebook page and web site and most of the same ones we have used in the past.
  3. 3. Web site – Joel has someone working on updating our web site. This will be to update our membership forms on the site and various other items.
  4. 4. Club Cruise – The club had a request to bring our cars out to the Brookdale Senior Living in Manlius for a little display of our cars. It was decided we would do this on June 8th. It would be from 11 to 2 and there will be food and a band. We would meet at the Taft Road DMV and cruise out together as a group. More information will follow later on.

The next monthly board meeting will be March 21st at the Red Onion.

Board Meeting @ Red Onion

The next monthly board meeting will be 7PM at the Red Onion.

March Birthdays

Stephen Archer

Florine DiGiovanni

Mike Madden

Richard Misita

Jim Ramish