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Club News and Notes

The Fall Bash will be held SUNDAY, October 8 starting at 1:00 pm at The 916 Riverside restaurant, located at 916 County Route 37 in Brewerton (formerly Castaways). New members are welcome to come out for a great meal, sharing of Mopar stories, and a short meeting where we take nominations to fill upcoming vacancies on the Board and Officers (President, Treasurer and three Board seats). We welcome any who would like to take a more active role in the club. No experience necessary!


Newsletter Editor Wanted

If you have at least a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, and have a couple hours to devote at the end of each month, please consider taking on the role of PentaStar editor. I have been doing this for many years, and it’s time to hand it over to someone who will bring some fresh ideas and energy to the task. Please email if you are interested.


Board Meeting    The Red Onion   September 21, 2017   24 members present including:

Board Members Nikki Bates, Bob Behnke, Len Bottorff, Bob Christiano, Shawn Garcia, Mike Madden, Rich Misita; President Tom Rose; Vice President Pete Ciciarelli; Secretary DeAnna Rossman; Treasurer John Praskey; Board Chair Martha Christiano.


Treasurer’s Report: John Praskey reported that we have $22,019 in the checking account.


CCA Representative Report: Tom Rose said there is not much to report from the CCA meeting for the month. Things are winding down for the season. Keep an eye out for information on “Reagan’s Ride” which Jim Ennis is coordinating for Oct. 22 or 28 starting from Destiny USA. This is a fund-raiser for the family of the girl killed in a parking lot accident earlier this year.


Old Business


1. MM 2017 Feedback – The sponsor invoices are ready to go out. We will review the comments from the survey in January to determine if we want to make any changes in the awards. We will also review the classes after the first of the year and make any necessary changes. Jill Archer reported that we have only 3 show shirts left over this year.


2. NYS Fair – The showing at the state fair went well and everyone was pleased with the location where we were parked this year.


New Business


1. Fall Bash – Earl Watt will check on having Fall Bash at the 916 Riverside and Mike Madden will check with Bella Domani. The Spinning Wheel is not an option unless we want it on Saturday due to their other commitments. The date we are trying to set for Fall Bash is October 8th or 29th.


[Editor’s Note: Final plan is it will be on October 8th at 1PM at 916 Riverside. Everyone will order off the menu and pay individually. The club will give each one $10 to put towards their tab, which will have tax and 20% gratuity added in.]


We will have a short meeting to take nominations for the positons of President, Treasurer and three board members.


2. Donation – In addition to the money we will donate to the Burn Foundation we have $2,000 that we will divide up between four charities. Everyone is asked to bring to the next meeting their ideas regarding who we should donate to and we will vote to choose four.


The next monthly board meeting will be October 19th at the Red Onion


Happy October Birthday


Robert Belisario

Dick McCabe

John Praskey

Phil Benton

Mary Lou McCabe

Elizabeth Reed

Michael DiGiovanni

Wanda Wood

Michael Scaglione


Kathleen Paolini




You Might Have Heard…



Keep those great stories coming, folks! I’ve had a few people tell me they are going to submit their tales of adventure or just ordinary life events that involved a Mopar in some way. If you don’t feel you can write it all out, don’t let that stop you. Just send an email to the newsletter editor, Martha Christiano, at or call (315) 256-1597 and we’ll work to get your stories into printable form.