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The Marcellus Crystal Ball Cruise for the Senior Ball is in need to cars/drivers for the Ball to be held on May 19, 2018. The job is to bring the kids to the ball (Auburn- Springside Inn) and stay there until it is over and drive them back to Marcellus. For your efforts, you will be fed a nice meal from Finally Ours Diner and there are door prizes, raffles and games to play!

Anyone interested should contact Mike Bird at  
315-706-7067 or email him at


Board Meeting @ Red Onion on March 15, 2018 – with 16 Members present including 

Board Members present:  Bob Behnke, Len Bottorff, Shawn Garcia, Nikki Bates, Cathy DeWolf, President Tom Rose, Vice President Pete Ciciarelli, Secretary DeAnna Rossman, Board Chair Martha Christiano

Absent (excused):  Rich Misita, John Praskey, Joel Scarson

Treasurer’s report – John was absent but Pete had the bank statement and reported that the balance in the checking account was $16,250.

Tom reported from the CCA meeting for the month. He mentioned the Motorama in March, the Clayton show in May and the Ride for Regan in May.    

Old Business

1.      Mopar Madness 2018 Planning– Discussion was held around changing some of the classes.  One of the changes would be to class 19A and 19S and giving trophies to 5 places in each class due to the number of cars in those classes.  There would be a 1st place and 4 class winners in each.  Another change would be to divide up the B Body Plymouth class for 62-67 into one for 62-65 and another for 66-67 same as the B Body Dodge is.  Another change would be to drop the Sport Tuner class and add a class for Jeeps.  Martha stated that this year for the show there will be a go to person assigned to each area to when questions come up there will be someone to take care of it and there will be a list so everyone knows who to contact.

2.      Merchandise – Jill talked about merchandise and is looking for any idea anyone may have of things to sell.  We still have mugs left over from previous years.  She will be replenishing any apparel that is low in inventory.

3.      Additional Donations – We took a vote as to whether or not we should give a donation to Sophie’s Giving Tree.  They give a presentation at the last meeting as to what they do.  Tom suggested a donation of $1,000 and seconded by Len.  All were in favor of giving them a $1,000 donation.  Martha talked about an organization that she suggested we give a donation to due to her family being involved with them; the organization was Lime Hollow Nature Center.  Discussion was also held regarding the Crystal Ball Prom Cruise and their after party.  Jill suggested giving a donation to help them.  All were in favor of giving $100 to them to use towards buying food for the party after the prom.  Anyone who would like to help by driving kids to the prom on May 19th let Jill know.     

New Business

1. May Memorial Cruise – Options were discussed for our annual May Memorial cruise.  One option was to participate in the Ride for Ragan.  This is on Saturday May 12th and is a 14 mile cruise starting at Destiny and ending at the fairgrounds.  That is the same day as the food truck & beer festival at the fairgrounds.  The other option suggested by Bob Behnke was to tour a private collection of cars at a place in New Hartford.  This is a private place open only to car clubs.  This is a high end collection not open to the public.  There is a donation taken at the door.  It was decided that we would go for the tour to the private collection of cars.  This will be on May 12th.  Bob will take care of setting it up. 


The next monthly board meeting will be April 19th at the Red Onion. 

April Birthdays

Steven Brody, Sr.

Dan Cortelyou

JoAnn DeKing

Mark DeWolf

Marie Hobson

Ethan Madden

Roger Paolini

Sandi Ramish

AJ Smith

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