CNY Mopar Madness June 30, 2019

U N T I L . . .

The Central New York Mopar Association Presents


Longbranch Park, Liverpool, NY
8am - 4pm


Burn Foundation of Central NY

About Judging and Show Classification…


·         Mopar Madness is about pride of ownership, and about the fun and enjoyment of sharing your vehicle and your interest in the hobby with other Mopar owners and lovers.

·         Our show is participant-judged, meaning the class in which your vehicle is entered will be judged objectively by vehicle owners (participants) from one of the other classes. Awards are given for first, second, and third place in each class based upon total votes cast for each vehicle.

·         Judged outcomes are as good as “you” (as a participant) make them. Few to none of us have been trained as a show field judge nor is our Mopar Madness show a concours-type event with strict criteria on which to base relative merits of one vehicle over another. Judging is therefore subject to some amount of personal taste, bias, etc. Collectively we must trust that a finely presented vehicle will stand on its own merits and be judged by our peers accordingly.


What the Central NY Mopar Association will do is our best to place your car in the show class most appropriate for it…


·         Vehicles will be considered stock or near stock unless some pretty obvious indicators prevail. For example, if your vehicle has a fully custom interior and paint, or wheel tubs, a roll bar and a blower, it’s not stock, nor would be a Hemi-powered Newport or a 440-6 Pak Demon.

·         VIN decoding will not be employed to determine a vehicle’s stock or near stock status. For example, a 340-powered ’71 Duster that was factory delivered as a Slant-6 - barring other obvious modifications (as above) - would be designated stock because 340 Dusters were available in 1971. Conversely, a 426-Hemi-powered ’78 Magnum… You get the picture.

·         We don’t “count” modifications to determine your class so you’re not going to be hammered for little things, like having aftermarket wheels/tires, headers, or a custom steering wheel. Remember - In the end your vehicle will be judged among peers, by peers.

·         ALL classifications will be performed at the entry gate on the day of show. Our classifiers will reserve the right to ask questions such as what engine your vehicle runs, to make the best determination. Admittedly, a 426-Hemi-powered Polara could get by us and classified as “stock” since we don’t ask participants to raise their hoods upon entry but we also appreciate our participants’ forthrightness in letting us know if their vehicle is a far cry from stock or near stock.

·         In response to participants who travel together or who may simply want to park as a group and enjoy the day, our new “Fun Field” class gives you this option. Mopars of all years and models will be welcome in this un-judged class.


So whether your vehicle takes a prize or not, know that you are in good company on show day and that the Central NY Mopar Association has done its best to promote an enjoyable experience for all.


Mopar 2 Ya!



12 noon to 1:00 p.m.

Trophies to Top 3 in each class

 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto, AMC & Jeep

 Classification at Entry Gate is FINAL

Advanced Car Registration: $10

(up to June 24, 2019)


Gate Registration Day of Show:

$12 Show Cars

$20 Car Corral
Includes Driver & One Passenger

Vendor Registration: $25 (up to June 24, 2019)

At Gate: $30 Price includes a 20’ x 20’ vendor space and two admissions for show

Spectator Admission


To benefit The Burn Foundation of Central NY


Kids Under 12 years old FREE


PLUS! Everyone 16 and under

receives one entry into

Free! Free! Free! raffle

for three giant RC/Mopar

model vehicles.

Free tickets available till 12:30 p.m. at Show Registration Desk

Drawing At 1:00 p.m..



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To Register for the Show, Go To: