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Hello fellow Moparphiles.
It appears our cruising season is over for this year. Assuming you subscribe to the “once there’s salt on the roads” rule. Most of us do. We all try to keep our rides as rust free as possible. Certainly a monumental task in this area. That new slime they mix the salt with now is the worst yet. It sticks to everything rather than mostly rinse off with the next rain. My Duster and Imperial are washed, Sta-Bil’d, and covered for the season.

Our latest project is the ’62 Fury we picked up a couple months ago. An actual “Barn Find”!  Sat in the back of a dairy barn for the last 25 years. We got it running and moving. It required major brake refurbishing and a bunch of new front end parts. Luckily for me, Jake had started disassembling his ’65 Coronet and a lot of the parts are interchangeable. I scarfed his dual master cylinder, proportioning valve, some lines, his fuel tank, shocks and even his tires and wheels. We actually drove it down the street and back last week with no major issues. It’ll be street legal as soon as I can get it aligned and inspected. It’s also a lot lighter. I took out several more pounds of Texas clay from the wheel wells and such. Maybe it’ll be faster (LOL). Should be a fun driver. I won’t have to worry about it the way I do with the other cars. It’s got LOTS of patina already. 318 PB should be interesting as I haven’t driven one of those in years and years. Kinda neat. Dream plans include a 413 w/cross ram, but the wide block will be fine for now.

Jake’s Coronet is now a suspension/drivetrain/interior free project. We stripped it all down over the last couple weeks (so I could rob stuff for the Fury, LOL) and he installed a completely new AMD floor and some frame ties. Next up is a later model K member that’ll set the new BB back a couple inches. We need to test fit everything, especially with the new Lakewood Bell Housing. It’s much larger than stock and with the setback, he’ll have to modify the tunnel and floor. (anybody got a plastic big block for fitment purposes?).

Jake and John Buckley progressing nicely on John’s Cuda. It runs and drives and they installed/fitted the front clip this weekend. Some buffing and trim installation is about all that’s left. Should be ready for Spring no problem.

Next project (on top of all of ours) will be Terry’s Super Bee. Finally time for reassembly. Last work on it was Terry and me installing the heater box about 20 years ago. It was then covered and left till this year except for parts accumulation. Terry believes he has all the pieces now. So the reassembly begins.

Our Annual Christmas Dinner was this last Sunday at 916 on the River in Brewerton. The food and ambiance was great, the company was even better. Everyone had a good time and great conversations. It looked like about 45 members attended.





Pete's Syracuse Nationals Pics July 17-19, 2015

Petes Carlisle Pics July 10-12, 2015

Pete's Syracuse Nationals Pics July 18-20, 2014

Pete's Carlisle Pics July 11-13, 2014

2014 NHRA Gatornationals

I went to the Don Garlits Mopar Show again this year. Earl drove his “new” Shelby Dakota while Marianne and Her brother & sister in-law followed us. Earl didn’t want to park way out in the parking lot, so he entered the Show so we could park on the field. Lo & Behold, he took 3rd place in Stock Truck. 1 pic is of Marianne receiving the trophy from BIG & the other is of E&M in front of the truck. A BIG Trophy from BIG hisself!!!
Big Daddy Don Garlit's Mopar Show - November 2-3, 2013 in Ocalla, FL

Syracuse Nationals July 17-19, 2009
What a weekend! For those of you who were there, you know…The rest of you missed a good one, but here’s some pics for you to peruse.
This batch is from the Wednesday Wegmans Cruise.       Thursday evening Parkway Cruise
'09 Nats-Fri/Sat        '09 Nats-Sat/Sun      

Big Daddy's Mopar Show - November 6-8, 2009 in Ocalla, FL

Mopars with Big Daddy - November 1-2, 2008

Big Daddy's Mopar Show - November 3-4, 2007 in Ocalla, FL