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The Central New York Mopar Association (CNYMA) is a family-friendly organization of men and women who own and drive, or simply appreciate Chrysler automobiles. Our association was chartered more than 30 years ago by about a dozen folks who wanted to socialize with others sharing their interest in preserving and restoring older Chrysler vehicles. While numbers have varied over those three decades, our membership is generally comprised of 75-100 families from all over New York State and (sometimes) Canada. Most call Central New York home. While we try to stay socially active year-round, our premier event is the Mopar Madness show that we conduct on the last Sunday of June. Mopar Madness, has been held at Long Branch Park in Liverpool. It is the biggest all-Chrysler car show in the state. We proudly donate proceeds from spectator admissions to the Burn Foundation of Central NY in support of their terrific, therapeutic work with youth burn victims.
So what’s a Mopar? “MoPar” originated in the 1930's as a brand name that the Chrysler Corporation used on replacement parts for its Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto automobiles. Short for “Motors and Parts,” Mopar in time became a term synonymous with any vehicle manufactured by Chrysler. Different brands entered and exited the Chrysler family over the years. By 1961 poor sales had forced DeSoto’s demise, and in 1987 Jeep was adopted as a Chrysler brand upon Ma Mopar’s purchase of the ailing American Motors Corporation (AMC). Sadly, Plymouth was axed in 2001 due to declining sales and redundancy among other Chrysler offerings. Germany’s Daimler-Benz later formed a partnership with Chrysler, establishing Daimler-Chrysler AG in 1998. Daimler subsequently divested most of its stake to a private equity firm called Cerberus Capital Management in 2007. Arguably poor management and the nation’s most recent economic downturn put Chrysler on the selling block once again. By 2014, Italy’s Fiat secured a 100% ownership stake and created the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Corporation, or FCA. “Mopar” hung tough through it all, remaining an iconic brand name and the term by which enthusiasts still proudly refer to their rolling stock.
Look around our Web site. We’re also on Facebook. If you like what you see, come join in the fun. Correspond through this site’s “Contact Us” page. The CNYMA’s first by-law is "Have Fun" and that’s what it’s all about!

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